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What is Bloqwork?

Bloqwork is a web-based construction software solution built on the blockchain to deliver a secure, transparent and trusted construction management solution. The platform manages the day-to-day construction processes such as inspections, approvals, instructions, payments, purchases, requests for information, emails and submittals.

  • Provides a trusted source of data
  • Digitalised transactions secured without the need for paper transmissions
  • Identity and authenticity of all transactions secured by private keys
  • Platform users own their own data
  • A searchable database of all project information
  • All data secured by cryptography to protect against hacking

The mission at Bloqwork is to provide a cost effective, secure and transparent construction management software solution that is trusted worldwide by all project stakeholders.

Our vision is to become the software solution of choice for the management of construction projects.

The platform can be used for day-to-day management processes such as communication (emails, letters, memos transmittal etc.), submission and receipt of drawings.

Bloqwork can be used for management processes such as; inspection requests, notifications of quality, variation requests and approvals as well as requests for information

The leading construction platform worldwide.

An ever-growing network for construction companies in 2020 that is set to revolutionize the industry! 

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